ARRI Webgate Features

This page provides information about the most important ARRI Webgate capabilities.


With ARRI Webgate all your data is accessible anytime from anywhere. ARRI Webgate is based on latest browser technologies like HTML5 and AJAX and runs on every current browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. No additional plug-ins are required and you will not encounter any firewall restrictions.



Organize your documents, playlists, galleries and projects in different rooms. Decide on your own, who has access to which areas and manage the users’ rights. Move files easily with drag & drop. Notify your colleagues using content ready e-mails or lock files, you're currently working on. Use ARRI Webgate just like your local file system.


All your data is stored in a data center located in Germany and is never hosted on other servers. The data center has an ISO 27001 certification for the implementation of appropriate security mechanisms. A renowned IT service organization has just re-certified a high level of security for ARRI Webgate. Together with the professionals of SySS GmbH, we have implemented an ongoing security review process. Your data is in very good hands.



Share content via Directlinks and decide whether your media should be downloadable or is just intended for streaming. Secure your Directlinks with passwords, set a validity period or limit usage counts. Monitor when a Directlink gets accessed via notification e-mails.

Transcoding Engine

Simplify your life by letting ARRI Webgate handle all of your transcoding needs. Upload almost any video file into ARRI Webgate and all streaming and download-formats get rendered in the background. ProRes-, DNxHD-, XDCAM-files and even conversion of unencrypted Trailer-DCPs are supported. You can also set individual watermarks in case of security sensitive content. There is no further need to create DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.


Galleries and file preview

Create Galleries and present them using slide shows. You can also preview files without galleries, no matter if PDF, JPG, TIF, TGA, PSD, AI, EPS....


Tag uploaded clips or files with metadata. Finding your tagged clips is now easier than ever. Is there OSD Metadata? Just upload the metadata as an XML-file into ARRI Webgate and access the metadata from there.



ARRI Webgate has no file size limit. No matter how large a file, it is ready to be uploaded. Transfer files in high-speed and resume an upload in case the transfer is aborted. Somebody without an ARRI Webgate account wants to send you files? No problem, create an Upload-Directlink with optional password protection and send it via e-mail. Files can then be uploaded by simply dragging & dropping them into the web browser. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as an upload is complete.

ARRI Webgate Whitelabel

Add a personal look to ARRI Webgate with the ARRI Webgate Whitelabel feature. Create your own landing page, such as and upload your company logo to ARRI Webgate. Your logo will be added to all emails and Directlinks. ARRI Webgate thus becomes even more your corporate cloud.

Whitelabel Features
Branded dokfest

Voting and comment functions

Use ARRI Webgate as a useful voting tool. Perfect for edit-approvals or layouts, the voting function simplifies decision making in a team. Comment on clips or frames and send comments with a few clicks as e-mail.

Advanced comment functions